About Us

Alameda Recycling and Metals is the premiere recycling center in Los Angeles County. Started in 1991, we are a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated business. Started by Sidney & Shila Nadler 1n 1991. Our family run business

focuses on providing unparalleled customer service a family friendly environment & the best pricing around.

We  buy  Copper, Brass, Wire, Aluminum, Stainless, Appliances large and small, Steel, Tin, Computers, Computer Cables, Stereo’s, Wheels, Batteries, Isulated Wire &  just about anything Metal or that has Metal in it, and just about anything with a plug.

Cans & Bottles,  CRV   is  a specialty of ours.

theJUNKMOBILE.com  can  pickup your materials, clean out your warehouse, garage or yard and Haul away your headaches, while making sure nothing hazardous to our environment ends up in any landfills.  from a couple of appliances to a full wearhouse we can handle the job. The cost for 2 men and a truck or a dismantling team are some of the lowest in the Industry.

We also do Soft Demolition at your store, shop or warehouse. We can remove racking, equipment, inventory and displays from wall to wall, very quickly and leaving your place Clean. Recently we cleaned out a large grocery store in 3 days. Removing, Tearing down and Hauling off  Everything.

Our Scales are tested 3 to 4 times daily  and certiefied by the stae quarterly.

We pride ourselves on being honest and strive to give back to our community/ those in need. To date we have raised more than $50,000 for local non-profit/charity organizations. We also provide summer bbq’s and winter warm, turkey dinners for the local homeless community.

Alameda Recycling & Metals is open 7 days a week and is conveniently located 2 Blocks South of PCH on Alameda st. near the 405, 710, and 110 freeways. Look for the Bright Yellow Fence and Building.

If you are a commercial, industrial or contractor account, we also offer roll offs, bins and local pick ups. Our goal is to make the recycling process enjoyable, quick, and efficient, while keeping hazardous materials out of landfills.

Keep the environment clean and stop by Alameda Recycling and Metals! See for yourself why we are the best recycling center around!

thank you

the Nadlers