The Junk Mobile


The Junk Mobile is a full service junk removal team that services the Orange County & Los Angeles Areas.             Our honest, friendly & professional staff will remove just about anything from your home, office Warehouse or storage facility.  Sick of looking at all the clutter?  Doing spring  cleaning,  or just need a helping hand?  Sitting on outdated merchandise in your warehouse?  Downsizing your house or business space?  Our Demolition Team can  Demo and Haul Away Your  Store,  Shop,  Garage,  Warehouse or  Storage Yard.  Fast , Safely and clean, Making sure nothing Hazardous ends up in a Landfill.  We offer same day service and will provide the labor as well as the truck!  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us!

a   FULL  12  foot  TRUCK  FILLED    $ 500

a   HALF FULL 12 foot  TRUCK           $ 250

a Load of Copper , Brass , Wire or Aluminum pick up is free

(562)  743 – 3356
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SAMPLE ITEMS :                                                                                                     *Appliances, Bikes,Wheelchairs, Carpet, Computers/Monitors,
Construction Debris, Furniture, Garbage, Mattresses, Printers,
Scrap Metal, TVs, Yard Waste, Trash, Cables, Washers, Dryers,
Refrigerators, Microwaves, Extension Cords, Ladders, A/C Units,
Vacuums, Christmas Lights, Racking , Your Old Inventory  & More